How Ecowas is reacting to military takeovers in West Africa

What is Ecowas doing about coup plots in the region

How Ecowas is reacting to military takeovers in West Africa

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West Africa has witnessed four military coup d’etat in a short period of time. Nearly two years ago, Mali military ousted its president from office. Several meetings were help to the extent that former President of Ghana of blessed memory, Jerry John Rawlings, who also tasted military rulership and democracy as well. Rawlings led a coup himself and took power in 1982. He ruled Ghana from that time until 2000 when former President John Agyekum Kufuor took over as Democratic leader. So he probably was the best man to advise the military men who toppled Mali government.


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Days after John Rawlings’s intervention, leader of Mali’s military junta, Assimi Goita announced himself as new leader Coup Leader of Mali, Assimi Goita declares himself President

So what really went wrong?. The dialogue and all these negotiations couldn’t fetch any reasonable results. How about interventions of Ecowas. What short term and long term measures did they put in place to ensure tensions are calm?. Have their solutions and recommendations worked perfectly? the answer is no. There were three military takeovers months after Mali’s. Yes Mali was sanctioned and also lost its status as member of Ecowas but was that the actual solution?

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Ending 2021 was a dramatic change in Guinea’s political space. Colonel Mamady Doumbouya came into the scene. Just like Assimi Goita, Mamady also led the military to topple the government of President Alpha Conde. Mamady was a close friend to the president. He was his right hand man so the coup was very easy. That day was like another independence

was gained for the people of Guinea. Do they want to be ruled under a military regime. The answer is definitely no but their jubilant posture on the streets of Conakry and other parts of Guinea showed the people were tired of Alpha Conde’s regime (Video) People of Guinea celebrate military coup d’etat as President Alpha Conde is overthrown. Why do most African leaders come to office only to work on reforms in their interests?. Alpha Conde was exactly that. He changed the constitution to suit his third term in office which he successfully did.

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The big question is what is Ecowas doing about the situation. Because almost all their talks in meetings in regards to the coup have not yielded any results. Now let me tell you about something very interesting. Do you know the recent leaders ousted from office were all present in most of these Ecowas meetings? Oh yes there was a coup in Burkina Faso. President Kabore was removed from office by the military just last week. And he was part of these Ecowas meetings. Are these leaders doing something right? Are they doing something wrong?. I beg to take the latter because if they are really doing their jobs, the military will not get up one day to plan a coup. If they are really working for the citizens, they won’t celebrate when they push them out of the way, if they are really doing their work well, the masses won’t be hungry. Do you know some crop of Burkinabes were also happy just like Guinea’s when Kabore was also arrested?. So is this a systemic problem or a leadership problem?. Do African leaders involve citizens in decision making?. Do they bring up policies that will make them believe they are also part of their countries?.

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Oh did you hear about the one that just occurred days after Burkina Faso’s?. I’m taking about the Guinea Bissau attempted coup, which took place hours ago. Thankfully, Umaro Sissoco Embalo survived that one. As he posted on Facebook hours ago that calm has been restored in Guinea Bissau.

I will not end this without taking about the situation in Sudan.

So it seems there is a slow kind of revolution going on across the continent. The earlier our leaders rise up to the occasion, the better.

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