How isolation of Russia from the world has cost the nation

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is great cost to Russia

The isolation of Russia from the rest of the world is becoming a thorn in the flesh of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation led by President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The situation is gradually leaving Russia in isolation from the rest of the world. The biggest country in the world is shrinking day by day with the WEST and its allies imposing series of sanctions on Russia.

As the West and the European Union continue impose sanctions, we take a little brief look at How Russia is isolated from the world after Ukraine invasion, and its grave effects on citizens.

Many Russian troops continue to die in Ukraine. Just recently, British defense Secretary says over 15,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine but that is actually not all. An official estimate issued by Ukrainian authorities says otherwise. According to them, over 22,800 Russian troops have been killed

War itself is very expensive because whoever engages in it suffers mass loss right from military personnel, equipment, economic meltdown, brain drain etc. There are a lot of Russian citizens who have left the country just in search of greener pastures since the country invaded Ukraine. Top government officials have also resigned from their posts and have left the country according to reports. While some continue to leave Russia, many Ukrainians have become refugees within a twinkle of an eye in several neighbouring countries. We can agree both nations are suffering grave loss but Russia is losing at greater speed, looking at the number of Russian troops who have died so far.

Russia is gradually being cut from the international community. The latest one is the country’s suspension from the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The organization announced that “UNWTO members voted to suspend Russia. Meeting for a first extraordinary meeting UNWTO General Assembly, members debated the suspension of Russia from organization. Russia declined to step up and defend its position, and announced its witfrom the UNWTO” the statement said.

Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba also confirmed Russia’s suspension from the organization.

“Russia has been suspended from UNWTO at its General Assembly’s first extraordinary session. Grateful to all members who backed this move. The only travel directions for Russian war crimes should be the Hague. Russia’s isolation will deepen with each day of its war on Ukraine” he said.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization is not the only Organization to suspend Russia membership.

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The world’s largest drone maker, DJI has also halted all business operations in Russia following its invasion Ukraine. It has become first Chinese company to take such a step.

Hours ago, some Russian media personalities and army veterans alleged that all nations arming Ukraine are at war with Russia. All these nations supporting Ukraine to win this war shows how united the world os against Russian aggression and a victory for Russia will collapse Russian economy.

The media personalities said the world have declared “war against us. What else are we waiting for. We will have to conduct a special operation to demilitarize NATO. We’re in a state of world war III. In fact, they already started it. Either we lose in Ukraine or the third world war starts. I think world war III is more realistic. Knowing us, Knowing our leader, Vladimir Putin the most credible outcome that all this will end with a nuclear strike seems more probable to me. Than the other cause of events” they discussed. Full video below.

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