How King Leopold II of Belgium killed 15 million Africans in Congo

Leopold II of Belgium’s genocide in Congo free state (1885-1908

How King Leopold II of Belgium killed 10 million Africans in Congo

Here’s how King Leopold II of Belgium killed over 15 million Africans in Congo.

The Congo Kingdom and the hidden holocaust from 1885-1908. King Leopold used his army to coerce natives of Congo into foced labour. They were armed with local weapons army of mercenaries routinely tortured hostages, slaughtered entire families, raped Congolese and eventually killing over 15million people.

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Before the Belgians invaded Congo, the Congo Kingdom was a well established one with civilized clothing

In 1976, Leopold II established the international African Association which would serve as a front organization, perpetuating humanitarian and altruistic projects but in reality, it was a cover used by Belgium King Leopold to colonize a large portion of Central Africa.

He used explorer Henry Morton Stanley to lay claim on the area of the modern day, Democratic Republic of Congo. He would name the area Congo Free State. Belgian government lent money for Leopold’s activities Congo

What happened next was a far cry from official stories of altruism and humanitarian efforts. Leopold’s propaganda was spreading across Europe.

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In order to pay a debt to the Belgian government and gain personal wealth, the administration of Congo aimed towards extraction as much money as possible as possible from thake colony

The position and depth of cuts is vital, done wrongly it can stop growth or even kill a tree. Tree drips latex for about four hours, stopping as latex coagulates naturally. Tappers usually start walking in the morning and collect the liquid midday

A common approach was to mutilate children in case their parents didn’t collect enough rubber. Soldiers often came back from raids with baskets full of chopped off hands. Villages that resisted were destroyed entirely. Since men were forced to collect rubber no one was farming

Consequently, a huge number of people died from famine. Leopold II sanctioned the collection of child colonies. Congolese children were kidnapped and sent to schools to learn how to work or be soldiers of which most of them died from diseases and forced marches.

Belgian government learned about the atrocities. They forced Leopold II to cede control of Congo in 1908. Till date the memory remain in Congo as the people wallow the abject poverty.

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