How Russia is isolated from the world after Ukraine invasion

Russia is gradually losing its global power and dominance

How have all NATO nations reacted to this developments?. Russia invading Ukraine is a nightmare to some Russian citizens and lovers of democracy across the world. Some thought they were in their dream lands but the reality remains the truth: President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. How Russia is isolated from the rest of the world will have a negative effect on the Russian economy on the long run.

First, Let’s talk about the West. Almost all countries have condemn Russia invading Ukraine. The United States, Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom and many allies have all condemn President Putin’s actions. Countries who have been part of the soviet Union have all condemned Putin’s actions. They believe it’s a new era and democracy should be made to thrive in all parts of the world. Some say President Putin is still leading Russia as if the world was in the 1920s. Read also

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All NATO nations have condemned Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and have all imposed sanctions on Russia. Canada for instance hours ago placed sanctions of some Russian and Belarus officials.

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau said “Canada is imposing sanctions on 22 senior officials of Belarus’s Department of of Defence. These officials supported Putin’s attack on Ukraine and Russia’s violations of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and they would be held accountable”

Canada had earlier sanctioned Russia for invading Ukraine. The United States also did same. US President, Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” hours after news circulated about Russian troops bombing a building hosting civilians.

The United Kingdom also placed heavy sanctions on Russia, abandoning Russia oil. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson travelled to Saudi Arabia to negotiate oil supply deals with the Kingdom. If agreed, it will cut ties with Russia on the long haul.

All these sanctions caused companies to stop their operations in the country. Most of them were companies from these super powerful nations, who have imposed unbearable sanctions on Russia. And they fear they could loose their licences if they continue with normal transactions in the country. A few of them include Google, Apple, Facebook, Visa and some Airline companies. Some have also limited their operations in Russia.

What about sports

This is another big blow for Russia. FIFA, UEFA and European Premier league all issued statements weeks ago, suspending Russian national teams and clubs from all activities. This is how Putin’s actions have gravely affected his people.

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Now let’s discuss Russia and China relationship. China appears to be “on the fence”, while says the Ukrainian people are brave people, it also acknowledge that “Russia and China relations is solid rock”.

India has not made any stance on Russia Invading Ukraine. The isolation of Russia is now unprecedented but if India decides to trade with Russia, though things could still be difficult, it could be much easier. What if China decides to supply Russia with arms amd India also pledge to trade trade with Russia?. There are reports that India is ready to trade with Russia. will keep you informed on that.

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The United States is waiting to see whether China will honour the request to provide Russia with ammunition. Hours ago, China says it would “never attack Ukraine”, and praises the Ukrainian people for their defiance and resilience. All NATO nations are in solidarity with Ukraine and are giving the best support needed.

As we speak, Finland and Sweden are making preparations to join NATO: Finland and Sweden set to join NATO in weeks after Russia invasion of Ukraine

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