How Ukraine is winning Russia and recapturing territories

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine begun early this year February 24th after President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. We take a look at how Ukraine is gradually winning the war

The Ukrainian army has recaptured some of Ukrainian territories Russia has occupied since 2014, and the army continues to retake more territories.

Ukrainian troops are said to have liberated approximately 2,500 square kilometres alone during the counteroffensive in Eastern Ukraine. But how is Ukrainian army able to overpower Russian army in this manner?

Here are some factors

  • Ukrainian soldiers are willing to die for their land. They are fighting with their everything
  • Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky who happens to be the commander in chief of Ukraine military is doing remarkably amazing. He’s been able to mobilize the people of Ukraine to know what’s really on the ground. He’s also able to lobby for Global support, especially from the West. His communication skills and how he’s able to bring all these leaders onboard to rally behind Ukraine is enviable.
  • The United States alone has so far gifted lots of financial support to the Ukrainian army, including supply of very sophisticated military equipments.Read more:Why is America giving $40b to Ukraine when Europe is giving very little? TRUMP ask Other European nations and the EU have also been very instrumental in Ukrainian win. I can say the United Kingdom and Germany have been very helpful. Some very key officials of these nations continue to visit Ukrainian capital Kyiv, which also serves as a confidence booster to Ukrainian military and its people. For instance, German foreign minister surprisingly visited Ukraine this morning. And she’s not the only one taking such steps. Others have.
  • Russian Federation and its leader, Vladimir Putin clearly underestimated the prowess of Ukraine, and the country is surprisingly defending every piece of Ukraine territory with their blood. The Ukrainian people have been very resilient. Their military men have displayed and continue to display how significant this war is to the nation.
  • Zelensky have been very consistent on his updates on social media, especially on twitter. Below is a typical example as he continue to appreciate the efforts of leaders across the world.

Now the above factors are just few of many reasons why Ukraine has the upper hand to become victorious.

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What are some of the signs showing Ukraine is winning the war?

Ukrainian military posted a video on their twitter page confirming several cities they have been able to retake from the occupiers.

Also, Ukrainian officials published their daily report as usual, indicating that over 50,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far in Ukraine. Russia has also lost many tanks and other important military equipments.

CIA Chief Burns also said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks like a failure. “Not only has the military of Russian military been exposed, but there is going be a long-term damage done to the Russian economy and to generations of Russians as a result of this”

They have captured an ammo depot around Izyum that made Russians retreat due to the quick advancement of Ukraine military. Here’s a picture below.

Reports from also revealed that Ukrainian military have gained continuous “gains since routed Russia from the area around Kyiv in April by reclaiming territory in the northwest”

Britain’s ministry of defense also published a similar report hours ago, that “Russia’s defensive front in under pressure”

What are people saying on social media?

President Volodymyr Zelensky published a video congratulating Ukrainian army for how far they have come. According to him, what Russia is exhibiting in its war front in Ukraine is its best, and there is no place for Russian soldiers to hide in Ukraine anymore.

“The Russian army is showing its best, and it is a good choice for them to run away. There is no place for the occupiers in Ukraine”

Russian most advanced newly developed battle tank T-20m was captured by the Ukrainian army on September 18 around Kharkiv Oblast according to reports. The Tank is said to have been abandoned by Russian military.

Below is a video

How Ukraine is winning Russia

Ukraine Army is also said to have advanced

Since April, Ukraine army liberated 60,000 Square kilometres from the occupiers and they continue to advance against well-built defenses, recapturing territories gradually but systematically. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky its not over until Ukraine wins all its territory back. He tells his army to fight on, to liberate all Ukrainian cities. “Now is the time for steady hands. There is much work, and more fighting to do” he said

As of September 19, Ukraine officials published a report as part of the country’s daily updates. Over 54,000 of Russian soldiers have been killed.

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