I apologize to Afghan people, for fleeing Afghanistan in bad times – President Ashrah Ghani

I apologize to the people of Afghanistan that I could not make it end differently – President Ashrah Ghani has apologized to the people of Afghanistan for fleeing the country when situations were very bizarre. The President said he deeply regret his “own chapter ended in similar tragedy” to his predecessors. Ashrah Ghani fled Kabul when Taliban invaded the city, revealing he didn’t want ‘any blood shed on the streets”

“I offer my profound appreciation and respect for the sacrifice of all Afghans, especially our Afghan soldiers and their families, through the 40years. It is with deep and profound regret that my own chapter ended in similar tragedy to my predecessors without ensuring stability and prosperity” the President posted on his twitter Page.

It all started when Taliban fighters seized power, when they entered the Capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, taken charge of the Presidential Palace. A two decade war had ended after America decided to move all troops back home. (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

President of Afghanistan fled Kabul to make way for the Taliban. He posted a message on Facebook confirming his departure. Days after, former President of U.S, Donald Trump accused President Biden’s administration to be the cause of everything happening in Afghanistan. in disgrace for what you have allowed to happen in Afghanistan – Donald Trump blast President Biden

Since the departure of American troops, there has been several reports of Taliban manhandling Afghans, ethic minority groups and Christians. They also persecute officials who helped the previous goverment and American soldiers according to reports. Taliban targeting Christians & ethnic minority groups; some already facing prosecution according to a report

Taliban also started door to door executions, a situation that caused so much fear and agony to families and victims, making people to flee the country.

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Taliban can’t access Afghanistan government accounts as Google shut it down

Taliban announced interim government on September 7, including two top officials on the U.S FBI wanted list and United Nations Blacklist. Taliban unveil new government for Afghanistan, led by a man on UN blacklist; its interior minister wanted by FBI

Ashrah Ghani is currently in Suadi Arabia according reports. Below is his apology to Afghans.

“I apologize to the Afghan people that I could not make it end differently. My commitment to the Afghan people has never wavered and will guide me for the rest of my life” the President ended his statement.

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