“I even wanted to take my own life” Sello Maaka ka Ncube speaks about his tough relationship with his ex-wife

Veteran actor, Sello Maaka ka Ncube (61)has opened up about his failed married marriage with his ex-wife, Palesa Mbowen.

The actor who got married recently to Pearl Mbewe has revealed that men should defend themselves without using violence.

“I even wanted to take my own life” Sello Maaka ka Ncube speaks about his tough relationship with his ex-wife

“Jamal Edwards died from sudden illness,” says his mother, Brenda Edwards

While reacting to a false publication of his failed marriage, Sello Maaka ka Ncube said he regrets the moment he spent years with his ex-wife.

He said:

“I have very little regrets, but there are two women I wish I didn’t or have never met in my life. One claimed I was her boyfriend! #Topic for another day!”

“Then my “Ex-wife”! Sello Maake says he was once married a con artist.

“I cannot believe I was married to a con artist and you guys called me names when I realised my blunder and divorced her after 8 months!”

“I’m not fighting this matter because I want to bash my ex-wife, I want the truth to be known and maybe I can help the young men who may fall victim to women similar to my ex-wife,” he says.

“For the record, I must categorically and unequivocally state that I don’t think all women behave or do things that my ex-wife did to me.”

He further advised people to know much about their partner personality before getting into relationships.

Sello said:

“Just be careful and do your independent character assessment before you commit to anyone, ”

“The shares don’t even matter to me it’s a matter of principle, this marriage was flawed and based on falsehood to start off with, the misrepresentation by my ex-wife is even too disgusting to mention all the things she did.”

He revealed he once attempted to change his children’s surname without his knowledge.

“I mean the woman tried to change her children’s surnames to my name without my knowledge and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t overhear a telephonic conversation between her and her mother. Then one of her children’s grandmothers approached me, accusing me of using my ‘big name and public stature’ to try and demean them because they were poor. So I wanted to take their grandchild from them.”

Sello disclosed that it’s hard for public figures because they are well-known.

He said:

“The thing is we so-celebrities are sitting ducks, we get threatened by people who mistreat us, lie to us and when all hell breaks loose they speak of us around dinner tables and boardroom and then run to the Media.”

He said the difficult relationship once led him to commit suicide.

“Let the public know the truth that we sometimes struggle in silence. I mean, I even contemplated taking my own life due to this woman; the pain, shame, and sorrow she caused me was beyond comprehension.”

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