“I grew up without a mom and dad” Wisconsin PhD holder celebrates grandma

Heidi Pak’s story touched many netizens as they celebrate her in grandstyle

This Korean Wisconsin PhD holder never left her lovely grandmother out of the equation after graduating from Wisconsin University.

Heidi Pak tells how her grandmother nurtured her from the very beginning. Heidi Pak of Korean ancestry who now lives in the United States said she “grew up without a mom and dad”. And it was her grandmother who took her in and she deserves every credit a of both parents and grandparents.

“It makes me so happy to share this moment with the woman who made this possible, my grandma. I grew up without a mom and a dad, but my grandmother became both for me” Heidi Pak revealed.

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Heidi Pak who is now Wisconsin PhD holder posted a beautiful picture of her and her grandmother on twitter, acknowledging her granny’s efforts in her life.

According to the Wisconsin PhD holder, with her granny’s assistance, she was able to complete her elementary school in Korea and continued later in the United States.

“With only my elementary school education from Korea, she did everything she could to give me all the educational opportunities in America. If that’s not fierce, I don’t know what is” she said.

Her story touched many people online as they congratulate her on her new journey. They also thanked her for remembering her grandmother who did everything possible to give her education.

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