I have the streams. The only difference is you have a movement and I’m alone – Strongman jabs Medikal

Rapper Strongman has replied Medikal after the latter made some comments on United showbiz on May 22 when he was asked of his opinion on beefing among fellow musicians. Medikal emphatically stated that, ‘it’s not about who won the beef, but who is relevant after the beef’ throwing jabs to his rival, Strongman.

Few minutes after his comments, Strongman took to his Twitter feed to respond to Medikal’s comments. Telling Medikal never to disrespect his craft.

last last year if you want the statistics of our works, I can help you with that. Never disrespect my hard work. The only difference is you have a movement and I’m alone.

Strongman posted.

Both rappers have been on loggerheads for sometime now, claiming who’s best when talking rap music. Strongman revealed that, he did more work than Medikal last year. According to him, he actually got more streams than Medikal and that, the only thing he can a actually boast of is his fan base.

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