I made a song to support End SARS, I apologize on behalf of Ghana artistes for not supporting Fix The Country campaign -Shatta wale (video)

According to him, he should’ve used his influence to support the fix the country campaigners. Shatta wale was speaking to social media commentator, Kevin Taylor about how he supported the end SARS protest and even composed a song to support the movement.

“I wasn’t even in the country when this whole fix the country started and people know how vibrant I am when it comes to issues like this but I feel sad they way you’ve explained it because yes when it was happening in Nigeria, I even made a song with this end SARS thing. I will take this opportunity on your platform and apologize on behalf of every Ghanaian artiste. We didn’t look very deep into this fix the country thing that could spark or bring something positive” he replied Taylor

Shatta wale and Kevin Taylor

Taylor was very surprised on how Shatta was able to apologize. He wasn’t expecting him to do so. “I know a lot of people who’ll try to dance around it but you were factual” Taylor said in the video.

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