I smoke $40,000 worth of weed every month – Mike Tyson

American legendary boxer Mike Tyson was brave enough to disclose how much weed he smokes monthly, Says it’s worth $40,000

Mike Tyson who is 56years old told Muscle and Health magazine he smokes around $40,000 worth of cannabis every month. He revealed he always smokes and take lots of mushrooms prior his fights.

“cannabis is good to workout on for me. I also like taking mushrooms and smoking before fighting. I take psychedelics every day, mushrooms” he said.

The legendary boxer have been making some revelations about himself lately.

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Tyson believes taking cannabis in the 90s would have helped his career. “I just wish i was smoking back when I was fighting. I really lost out there from an outlet perspective. But if I’d smoked during my boxing career, I probably wouldn’t have been so aggressive” he told Muscle and Health.

Mike Tyson who was banned in the 90 seem to be living the best of his life. He now owns a cannabis company, Tyson 2.0 which gives him a lot of income. He’s also an actor, starring in movies and making thousands of dollars.

“I can now regain what I lost because I have been so successful with Mike Bites and other ear related merchandise. Its like making lemon out of lemonade when you think about it, because I got severely fined for the ear bite and all these years later it’s turned into a blessing. I’ve been making hundreds of thousands of dollars from images of biting peoples ears. It’s just incredible and I’m very grateful. It could have been bad, it could have turned out really bad.

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