I spent 15years in primary 1 but I will be President one day – 21year old man claims (video)

In a video, the 21year old man Joseph thinks he has what it takes to be President one day. Most of his colleagues who started with Joseph in 2006 have long graduated with lots of them working.

In fact, one of his colleague friends has graduated and is back as a teacher in the same primary 1 class. But Joseph is still in primary 1 after 15years and he’s still now given up on his dream; to become President one day. He told Afrimax TV that his dream and ambition is to become President someday despite his current predicament. He stressed that, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to move to primary 2 as long as he keeps his dream alive.

Man who spent 15years in primary 1

What do you think about Joseph’s issue? Do you think he should enrol in a different school or some kind of a special school? Not even to talk of how one of his colleague student he started with in 2006 is now a teacher and teaching him in primary one. Leave a message with us and let’s get interactive.

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