If the dictators stand by each other, the Democrats should too – Bobi Wine is in Ukraine

Ugandan activist and former Presidential aspirant Bobi Wine is currently in Ukraine

Bobi Wine posted his arrival to Ukraine on twitter. His statement was copied by several Ukrainian news portals as he’s welcomed to the country.

“in Kyiv the express my solidarity with Ukrainian people and leadership against Russia’s war of aggressionrand occupation. If the dictators stand by each other, the Democrats should stand by each other too. Its dangerous but noble” Bobi Wine posted.

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He lost the the previous elections after contesting under the ticket of National Unity Platform, a movement he founded. His participation in the elections was faced with several arrests and humiliation of his family as he was considered by Museveni and his government a spy of the West.

Months ago, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov visited Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt. Museveni received him well as he pledged his allegiance to Russia, saying his country was open to continuing bilateral trade with Russia. Read more:We will trade with Russia, we don’t believe in being enemies of somebody’s enemy – Museveni

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