I’m an ambassador for Christ, Bullet led me to God – Wendy Shay (video)

According to Wendy shay, her boss Bullet introduced her to God. The bedroom commando hit maker made this revelations on United showbiz yesterday when she, and MzVee were on the show.

“I have been through a lot of things not just the physical but also the spiritual which was the wake up call so I did have a spiritual awakening. Actually, I got to find Jesus christ through Bullet. When I came to Ghana, I wasn’t a believer, and I have been saying this everywhere if you get to know Jesus or God, it is not a one day thing. It is a gradual process. The relationship becomes tighter, and I have reached a point where I can hear his voice. I have grown really close to him” Wendy Shay reveals on showbiz 360

She also revealed on United showbiz how she has become an ambassador for christ and not moving a muscle from God’s kingdom

Wendy shay earlier on touched on Moesha’s predicament, says she will surely get better because “it’s not an easy journey to have spiritual awakening”

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