“I’m not ok” Somizi reacts to Riky Rick’s death

Actor and media personality, Somizi has taken to his social media page to express his pathetic over Riky Rick’s death.

This barely came after it was reported the star have given up his ghost.

“I'm not ok” Somizi reacts to Riky Rick's death

Many South African celebrities have expressed their sadness over his death.

Well, Somizi is still panicking as he shared a video of late Riky Ricky of them being together.

He disclosed that he is not ‘Okay’ as he penned down a wonderful message to him.

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He further revealed that if he was pleaded one thing he will always remember him for the way Riky gets happy whenever they have a chance to meet.

According to Somizi words:

“I am not ok shemmmmm. Oh Ricky u did everything HARD U laughed hard. If i was asked whats the one thing ill remember u by…id undoubtedly say the way u got excited to see me whenever we bumped into each other ….. On this day u asked me if im ok after everything ive befn through and i said im ok. Then u said somizi pls let me know if u need to talk or need anything….i promised i will…little did i know im hugging u for the last time….Rest papi…i love u Prayers to yo family”

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