I’m one of the Black Stars – Inaki Williams has chosen to represent Ghana (Video)

About nine months ago, Inaki Williams revealed Ghana tried to convince him but he “feels Spain more”. That’s now in the past

Inaki Williams posted a video on his twitter page to confirm his intentions to play for Ghana Black Stars

The Spanish player and his junior brother Niko Williams were in Ghana last month to visit their family and ancestral home. Perhaps that vacation in Ghana also played a significant role of him making the final decision to represent Ghana.

Inaki Williams told The Gaurdian in as much as he loves Ghana, he feels Spain more and would like to give the opportunity for other players who have equally qualified.

Ghana tried to convince me but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao. I won’t ever forget my family roots but I feel Basque. I would be comfortable with Ghana I’m sure but I shouldn’t be there” Read more here: Ghana tried to convince me to play but I was born in Spain, I love Ghana but I feel Spain – Inaki Williams rejects Black Stars

Inaki Williams tagged the GFA in his post, saying he’s now officially a Ghana Black Stars player.

“Every step we take forward has its own meaning, A glance into the future which leaves a trace itself. My parents have raised me with values based on humanity, respect and love. That’s why I feel the moment has come for me to find my origins within myself and with Africa and Ghana which means so much to me and my family. Today, a new challenge begins from now on i will defend Ghana’s T-shirt with all my will whilst i give my best. I am one of the Black Stars”

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