Inaki Williams and Nico won’t play for Ghana after several efforts by GFA failed

Inaki Williams could however change his mind to play for Ghana going forward according to reports

Reports that Inaki Williams and Nico have refused to play for Ghana Black Stars after several attempts by Ghana Football Association to convince the brothers failed

Inaki Williams somewhere last year in an interview with a Spanish news outlet made his position clear.

He revealed that though he is of Ghanaian ancestry, he prefers to play for Spain. According to him, his decision will make him focus more on his career and the club he is playing for. He explained futher, saying that there are equally talented footballers in Ghana who are qualified to the task. Read more:Ghana tried to convince me to play but I was born in Spain, I love Ghana but I feel Spain – Inaki Williams rejects Black Stars

Inaki Williams and Nico coming to Ghana after this year’s football season gave hope to many Ghanaian football lovers. Many believed being in Ghana will at least give the two that purpose of belonging which could help them embrace their heritage. And eventually change their minds but no, that never happened.

Inaki Williams and Nico have gone back to Spain and are preparing for the next season according to Mundo Deportivo, a Spanish Sports news hub.

“Nica and Inaki Williams have ruled out the possibility of playing for Ghana despite efforts from the GFA during their holidays”

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However, Ghanaian Sports journalist Gary Al Smith who works for Joy Sports said Inaki is likely to play for Ghana. Gary posted on his twitter page that a top ranking official of the Ghana Football Association told him the senior brother “was very open to featuring for Ghana” but “it is not a two weeks matter”

“Inaki Williams in particular, was very open to featuring for Ghana and in fact, the process is very much on course. It is not a two weeks matter. It takes time. But we’re confident it will be done before long” Gary posted.

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