India thought the world how to count – Conor McGregor

India thought the world how to count

According to Conor McGregor, India thought the world how to count. Conor McGregor made his assertions in series of tweets after declaring his love for India and said he was going there.

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“India invented chess. Invented Yoga. They even thought us how to count. There is even a golden temple in India that feeds 100,000 people a day for free. India are awesome” Conor McGregor revealed

He also praised Indian whisky and jokingly said he’s Indian. “Whisky is even the National drink out there. What a place, I may be some what indian. In my soul I’m indian” Conor

He also praised health workers of India, citing how good Indian Doctors and nurses treated him, after stating one of his main purpose of going to India was to learn Yoga.

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“I’m going to India to study Yoga. To gain a deeper understanding of chess and to drink proper whisky at breakfast. The amount of Indian Doctors and nurses I have encountered over this lifetime of violence. They just have complete care, peace and love in their soul” McGregor said

There are many Indians on twitter who have already welcomed him.

“The Notorious happy Diwali my brother” a lady tweeted with the national flags of both India and Ireland, saying both countries must unite.

Conor quoted her tweet, with a love emoji, revealing how they went through difficult times and still here.

“war after war and we are still here. Onwards and upwards to all the real out there. God bless us all” he said.

McGregor is a great globalist


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