Inmates at Sekondi Central Prisons protest over 32 cents per head on daily basis for food

Inmates at Sekondi Takoradi Central Prisons in Ghana protest against poor quality of food. According to them, they have not been treated fairly as they feed on amount less than fifty cents every day.

According to them, Ghana government feeds each inmates in Ghana Prisons Ghs 1.80 pesewas per head on daily basis. In fact that amount is approximately 32 cents per head.

The inmates are therefore pleading with Nana Akufo-Addo’s government to put in place some reforms to address the situation. They give further details of their predicaments, revealing how they’ve been coping with the situation for long.

Ghana is faced with accommodation issues in prisons. Some prisons in the country are crowded because they over accommodate inmates. Prisons supposed to accommodate not less than 1000 inmates end up accommodating three times that number or even more.

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