Interesting facts about John Cena

1 John Cena began weightlifting to fight bullies

John Cena is a muscular person with an exceptionally impressive build, because of his weightlifting system. Yet, the beginnings of his weightlifting traces all the way back to Cena’s pre-adolescents. While showing up on The Tonight Show, Cena uncovered that he used to be a thin person, who was frequently prodded for his decision of dress and music.

Interesting facts about John Cena

Cena used to get pounded in school. Rather than learning karate, he chose to get greater. For Christmas, when Cena was 12 years of age he requested a weightlifting seat. When he was 15, nobody was more stronger than John Cena. This even prompted Cena being named “Best Body” in his senior yearbook.

2 John Cena have good taste for sports vehicles

Cena claims 20 extravagance and sports vehicles
John Cena claims a shocking assortment of 20 vehicles – which incorporate various uniquely crafted vehicles, alongside several Corvettes, Chevrolets, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari as well. “I don’t simply get them to get them. I get them since I appreciate them, and each vehicle has a story,” Cena uncovered in an interview.

Interesting facts about John Cena

John Cena additionally had his own automobile fair called John Cena: Auto Geek where he used to talk about his lucky vehicle assortment.

3 John Cena has authored a few kids’s books

Cena has consistently had one directive for the children – “Its alright to appear as something else. Furthermore, its OK to be you.” With this message, Cena was resolved to make a book series for children. For this, he made a beast truck personality named Elbow Grease – who isn’t awesome yet is in every case consistent with himself.

Interesting facts about John Cena

“Real effort’s solidarity is initiative and the capacity to simply zero in and really buckle down on the assignment ahead. These ideas have been groundbreaking in my life, from my experience growing up to now, and it means a lot to me to pass the energy on and assist our most youthful age with seeing that right outlook is vital to accomplishment,” Cena expressed in an official statement.

4 John Cena released a hit rap album.

Interesting facts about John Cena

John Cena’s WWE profession gotten a huge lift when he appeared his “Primary care physician of Thuganomics” character. This character was presented after Stephanie McMahon saw him rapping, and chose to utilize his genuine abilities on screen.

He released the tune “Fundamental Thuganomics” on a 2004 WWE Originals collection. In 2005, he even delivered a rap collection with cousin Tha Trademarc, named You Can’t See Me. “I love [WWE] like no other person, and this is my thing I live, eat, rest, and inhale this — however at whatever point I have some time away from the ring, you’ll track down me in the studio,” Cena told

5 John Cena eats Tic Tacs to quiet his nerves

Interesting facts about John Cena

Each WWE Superstar, or each sportsperson besides, have a few notions that they perform before each match. Cena has some of them – hoping for the best as well as shaking rival’s hand and saying, “Best of luck. Be protected. Have a good time.” But the most intriguing one includes Tic Tacs.

“I generally eat Tic Tacs before the match, beginning around three hours [before the match]. I consume most likely five boxes of Tic Tacs consistently before an exhibition.” Cena do this to quiet his nerves, yet he has likewise distinguished an extra advantage, “The ring is 20 by 20 feet, and you’re with a gathering of folks, so you generally need to attempt to smell your best.”

6 John Cena used to live in his vehicle

After school, Cena moved to California as he needed to seek after a lifelong in lifting weights. In any case, with just $500 in his pocket, his father cautioned him of hitting bottom financially soon. However, Cena hustled and worked in a store of Venice Beach Gold’s Gym for $6 an hour to earn enough to get by.

To save money on his costs, Cena lived out of the rear of his Lincoln Continental. “I was battling, yet I wasn’t ever miserable. I was where wellness had become renowned, and I really cherished what I did.” Today Cena has tried sincerely and is presently one of the most extravagant WWE Superstars.

7 John Cena loves his competition with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

With a vocation traversing more than 10 years, Cena had a few competitions on WWE. However, he thinks about the one with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as his number one. “He will in general draw out the best in everybody. That is the reason I appreciate him to such an extent. Regardless of whether I for one like him is unessential. He draws out the best in everybody,” Cena has told Men’s Journal.

John Cena and The Rock had gone head to head against one another at Wrestlemania XXVII in 2012, in which The Rock arose triumphant. The next year, they had a rematch, where the head of the Cenation arose successful.

8 John Cena played school football

While he was at Massachusetts’ Springfield College, Cena was a football star on the offense line. He even drove the Division III school, as a chief, to its most memorable NCAA post-season game. Cena was named Hewlett-Packard Division III First-Team All-America and Eastern College Athletic Conference New England/Northeast Division III All-Star.

However, Cena believed that he was “excessively little” to think about a lifelong in football. Cena even played a comparative person in the sound series 64th man.

9 John Cena holds a record for giving Make-A-Wishes

Cena has consistently had faith in giving it back to the local area. One of the few cause work that he does is to give wanted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They work on satisfying the fantasies of basically sick youngsters between the ages on 2.5 and 18 years.

A glance back at John Cena’s 500 wishes with Make-A-Wish
Cena has conceded more than 650 wishes, which is an accomplishment that no other big name has accomplished. He is additionally the establishment’s most mentioned VIP.

10 John Cena speaks Mandarin

Cena plays had a monstrous impact in assisting WWE with venturing into Asian market. He likewise has extraordinary interest in the way of life and learnt Mandarin. He has frequently dazzled his fans by frequently talking in Mandarin during question and answer sessions.

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“I simply attempt to submerge myself in the way of life however much I can,” Cena said. Back in 2017, he called his expertise level “medicinal” and told, “I’ve been reading up Mandarin for a considerable length of time I actually talk like a third-grader.”

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