International trade advisor & former SRC President of University of Ghana, Ms Esinam Seade holds leadership forum dubbed ‘The Election Lounge’

Former SRC President of Ghana’s prestigious university, University of Ghana, Ms Esinam Seade is set to hold her first leadership forum to empower the youth. The forum ‘The Election Lounge’ is set to rejuvenate the youth to aspire higher in their endeavors.

Ms Esinam is a woman advocate and an international advisor who has worked with several organizations all these years. Her experience together with her co-panelist will impact the youth positively. Below is brief definition of the leadership forum.

As youth, it is appropriate we discover our true purpose of being. And one way to achieve this is for us to attend forums of this kind. These programmes give us that awakening spirit, that consciousness, to keep as alert of new opportunities available for personal development.

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