Is It Good For A Man To Request For A Reduction When Paying For A Bride Price?

A question we sighted via social media truly caught our attention and this was because of the way many people took specific interests in sharing their views about it.

The question had to do with the fact that is it good for a man to for reduction when paying the bride price of a lady.

The question was posted by a social media user and it reads;

“Is it good for a man to request a reduction when paying for a bride price.

Some of the reactions the post got are;

SmallgirlwithabigGod Verity – Yeah its…
Traditionally no matter the amount even if u r paying 1cedi u have to ask them to reduce it…
An old man advised

Banku Dade – What do u want to use the reduction money for. Massa if you are not ready, go and do more susu.

Mutala Mohammed – In Daggon culture no matter how small it is u have to ask for reduction if u don’t it means the woman is not valuable to you.

Korkarah Marshiana – Yes paa, even through that both familes test the patience and tolerance level of each other. A lot is learned during that sitting.

George Duse – Bride price or dowry is one of those archaic traditions that needs to be abolished. It establishes what we called in conflict management, “imbalance power relation” between the two partners from the onset of the marriage .That is some men interpret such exorbitant bride price as the woman being sold to them and this is at the root cause of most marital abuses. If the dowry is an appreciation from the man to the bride’s family for raising his future wife, what about the man? Was he not raised by his parents too? Didn’t they see him through school and or did other expenses as the bride’s family?. The original intention of our forefathers maybe genuine but I think greed and irrationality has destroyed,in my opinion,an otherwise great symbolic gesture.

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Deeya Ziblila – hahahahaha after my family mentioned my bride price,my husband was told so he jokingly told my uncle “uncle pls reduce the bride price for me yr daughter still has a lot of maintenance” ??

Benstephen Ashie – Good wife ain’t cheap and cheap wife ain’t good so just pay the good price not the cheap price and if it means asking for a reduction, go for it. Its allowed

Maame Serwaah – Well when I was getting married the amount my dad said nu I told him dad what is before us is bigger than what has gone,u know he’s going to take care of me the rest of my life till death we will have children n it’s going to be his responsibility so please I don’t want it to look as if u are selling me out well he listened to me n didn’t give him any list,he was like man she is going to be ur wife so if u don’t feed n cloth her well people will mention ur name not me cos u can see how beautiful n fat she is?by some years I want to still see the fat n beautiful her

Joshualyn Ohui – You can’t bargain bride price because you were not there when her parents and family sold their valuables to make her who she is today. You can’t pay them for all their sacrifices but its a valuable thing to do for them to say thank you for making this woman who I’m going to share my life with who she is today.

Raymond King – Yes . In some Akan communities it is said that ,if u didn’t ask of reduction of bride price, it means you have insulted the lady’s family. So even it is 1.00gh reduction, you must ask

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