Is This A Serious Country -Ghanaians Angrily React To The $3.5 Million Car Loan For 31 Council Of State Members

The Finance Ministry has sought a $3.5 million loan to purchase thirty-one vehicles for 31 members of the council of state.

Reports from Citi News indicate that the government of Ghana will pay 60 percent of the loan facility tabled before Parliament for the procurement of vehicles for Members of Parliament and members of the Council of State.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance presented two different loan agreements in Parliament and if approved, each Member of Parliament and each council of state member shall receive about $100,000 for the purchase of a vehicle, V8 specifically.

Already, the Ministry of Finance is seeking approval to secure a $28 million loan facility from the National Investment Bank.

Further reports state that the GoG is asking Parliament to ratify an additional $3.5 million loan agreement with the NIB to purchase vehicles for the 31-member council of state.

A document surfacing on the internet noted that the $28 million facility has to be paid within a 45-month period and the $3.5 million loan facility is to be paid within 42 months.

Reacting to this outrageous deal by the Ministry of Finance, a concerned Ghanaian asked, “is this a serious country?”

Looking at the era we are in and this ongoing deal, it clearly shows that the leaders of Ghana do not care about anything save their belly.

Check out the reactions below.

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