Is Ukraine ready to join European Union after Russia war?

The Ukrainian people are ready to join the European Union


Is Ukraine ready to join European Union after Russia war?. This is certainly a difficult question to ask when the country is currently in grave pain.

The European Union is made of 27 countries across Europe. It was formerly 28 until United Kingdom’s exit (Brexit).

Below is a list of European Countries that formed the European Union

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Sweden ??

Spain ??

Slovenia ??

Slovakia ??

Romania ??

Portugal ??

Poland ??

Netherlands ??

Malta ??

Luxembourg ??

Lithuania ??

Latvia ??

Italy ??

Ireland ??

Hungary ??

Greece ??

Germany ??

France ??

Finland ??

Estonia ??

Denmark ??

Czech Republic ??

Republic of Cyprus ??

Croatia ??

Bulgaria ??

Belgium ??

Austria ??

The big question is this: Is Ukraine ready to join European Union after Russia war is over?. Are the Ukrainian people ready to accept European Union membership to make the political and economic Union a 28 member state Union again?.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made it clear that Ukraine is ready to join the European Union last month after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

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Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Olga Stafanishyna also sent a signal after the visit of President of European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen to Ukraine.

Olga said the Ukrainian government “received the membership questionnaire” and “have already done much preparatory work”.

She also said Ukraine government is expected to be granted European Union “candidate status in June”

“we have already done much preparatory work, so ready to move fast. Expect to be granted a candidate status in June. It is part of our recovery and victory over Russia aggressor who wants to reverse Ukraine’s democratic course” she revealed.

What are people saying about Ukraine joining the European Union?

■ Joining the EU is a bad idea. Ukraine will become a vassal state of Germany, which kind of negates the point of the independence war from Russia (mmshowaltwer1)

■ The question is will this make Putin leave Ukraine alone? (Armininjanset)

■ This fills me with some hope, I am definitely going to see Kyiv and Odessa before I die. The country looks amazing and its people have protected us from the Hordes for centuries. I hope Scotland will be back where she belongs too someday (archstanton93)

■ Ukraine is fighting for democracy and their sovereign country. They want the same thing as NATO too (annaccallahan)

Source: Twitter

President of European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen assured the Ukrainian people the whole of Europe and the EU are on the side of Ukraine.

“I’m in Kyiv today to tell you that Europe is on your side. Your fight is our fight. This is the message i brought ro President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people yesterday in Kyiv” she said

Her message already assured the Ukrainian people of their country’s acceptance in the EU.

Here is her statement below

“It is just right that the world has voted to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council”. What does Russia suspension from Human Rights Council by UN means? “I’m here with you in Kyiv today to send a very strong message that the European Union is by your side. Let me be clear, we can never match the sacrifice of the Ukrainian people. But we’re mobilising our economic power to make Putin pay a very, very heavy price. We have imposed five ways of unprecedented sanctions against Russia and we’re already preparing the next wave”

Watch full statement below

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