It Was A Bad Idea to Meet Up With the IGP – Kevin Taylor Fumes

Kevin Taylor issues a long piece of advice to Fix the country campaigners and claims their purpose will not be achieved should the court grant them the go ahead.

Fix the country is an online demonstration that initially began on Twitter. The purpose of the demonstration was for the government to provide basic needs to the Ghanaian people.

A date was scheduled to hold a demonstration against the bad governance of current and previous governments but the High Court placed an injunction on the event. Since then, the demonstration has been held online.

However, Kevin Taylor has expressed his opinion and claimed that it was a mistake for the fix the country campaigners to meet with government appointees most especially the IGP.

According to him, such a step was aimed to prevent the campaigners from achieving their purpose, to keep track of them and pick them up should they defy orders.

He said, “Now the issue is, meeting the IGP or whoever they met when the Issue of Fix The Country began was the biggest mistake they did as a group. Of what use or purpose has that meeting with IGP and Kan Dapaah served ?

These tyrants successfully cajoled you guys into that meeting to keep track of you all, so in case things go worse as course of the demonstrations you guys could be targeted and picked.”

Again, Mr. Taylor revealed that the purpose of this delay by the government was to buy time for Akufo-Addo to tie up loose ends.

He believes that the demonstration, if it was held on its designated time, would have created some awareness in the international community  about the poor governance of Akufo-Addo’s government.

The back and forth between Fix The Country folks and government in court is aimed at one thing, Akufo Addo want to buy time, make sure the demonstrations does not happen at a time tempers are high in the country, then the impact will not be felt even if it happens eventually,” he said.

Kevin Taylor has revealed that demonstration wil be useless if held because the government has already weaken its impact.

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