It will take 10,000years for Africa to Unite – Africans reply Mike Tyson

Some group of Africans reply Mike Tyson after his comments on the unification of the African continent. Many don’t see it happening anytime soon

A group of Africans reply Mike Tyson on his latest opinion he shared during his visit to Egypt as he wans Africa to unite. The former American heavyweight champion believes in the continent’s unification but according to him, that could only manifest when Africans finally realized their full potentials

I went to Egypt to see our history as Africans and one thing concluded was the day Black Africans realizes themselves and they unite as one, the world will shake” the legendary boxer said

While few Africans believe in his statement, many think the unification of Africa is never possible. Some even criticize him on the basis of living in the United States all his life and for that matter have no right to make any comment/s in that regard.

“Mike Tyson has obviously never lived in Africa” Carlos Moran said on Facebook

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All Mike Tyson is saying is this: the unification of Africa is possible but it all depends on Africans. Looking at the replies from our previous post, we can conclude majority of Africans have lost hope in their leaders, and can simply not reason with the legendary boxer. They believe the continent have been hijacked by a group of leaders who are corrupt, selfish and disoriented.

Let’s take a look at what Africans are saying themselves

Here are few comments we picked from Africans on Facebook of those who don’t believe it. (Africa to unite)

“Well that will be happening in the next 10,000years haha” Kristian Real Man Kleemann

“Too busy butchering each other to realise they have” Scott Paynter

“What entire continent has ever been unified?. What entire country has ever been completely unified, except possibly in wartime ?. Unity on a global scale isn’t realistic for anyone. Humans are too diverse in their beliefs, their wants and needs and in the lengths they are willing to go to in order to get those things” Eric Johnson

“Impossible those African corrupt leaders will never give up power. They are busy looting and suppressing the masses” Herlnri W Jasi

“It will take 100 years to get caught up with technology that the main powerhouses already have. By then who knows what kind of sh!t America and China will have. No chance” Daniel Dickens

“Says a guys from America” Lucas Vana

“will never happen, maybe another 1000years” Leiataua Palesoo Su’a

Those who believe its possible

“Do your math. The conversation and the atonement are part of the process. And if you to need additional convincing, Mike is saying from the exact place where you just stood. That’s significant” Michael Kidd

“Absolutely in the making” Ignace Bellerose

“Absolutely correct analysis” Bomma Jaiprakash

“we will surely unite one day” Star Fargon

“Mike hands out wisdom like candy from his pocket” Glen Toussaint

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