Italy will always be on the side of brave people of Ukraine – Giorgia Meloni

Newly elected Italian Prime minister Giorgia Meloni has been sending appreciation messages to leaders across the world after her successful inauguration

Newly elected Prime minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni has declared her country’s unquenchable support for the people Ukraine. This followed her successful inauguration earlier today as she was proclaimed Prime minister.

Giorgia Meloni who represents the far right became the country’s first female Prime minister. The newly elected Italian Prime minister Giorgia Meloni has been on social media (Twitter), issuing series of tweets, thanking leaders across the world and her supporters. She never left Ukraine out. Replying President Zelensky on his congratulatory message to her, Meloni said Ukrainian people should know the whole of Italy is with them.

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“Italy is and will always be on the side of the brave people of Ukraine that is fighting for its freedom and for a rightful peace. You are not alone” she said.

Zelensky’s tweet

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is big blow to the world, with economies collapsing. Inflation have been on the rise, making prices of goods and services to skyrocket.

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