It’s absolutely impossible to defeat Ukraine – Russian pundits admit on live tv (Video)

Russian pundits, who are supporters of Vladimir Putin now have doubts about a possible win in Ukraine as they argue amongst themselves on live television

These Russian propagandists, who were seen on live television months ago saying Russia’s plan to annihilate the people of Ukraine was working perfectly are now saying its time for peace talks with Ukraine, or better still, pull Russian forces out of Ukraine before its too late. But wait, isn’t it too late?

“people who convinced President Putin that special operation will be fast and effective, we won’t strike the civilian population, we’ll come in, and our national gaurd, will bring things to order, these people set all of us up” one of the pundits frankly told his colleagues, saying all colonial tactics Russia is using against Ukraine are not working, and Russia must understand “its absolutely impossible to defeat Ukraine”

The Ukrainian military have liberated several cities in Western and Northern Ukraine as we speak. They have reclaimed over 2000 Square kilometres according to President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian officials, as the forces continue to advance rapidly to retake more Ukrainian territories. Russian soldiers hours ago admit retreat from key cities in Eastern Ukraine.

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The study of war published a report hours ago indicating “Ukraine has decisively won the battle of Kharkiv Oblast”

This is what Boris Nadezhdin who happens to be one of the pundits keep telling his colleagues that, look its time to come to reality to change Russia’s strategy. He appears to be telling his colleagues facts but some still can’t reason with him as it became a heated argument on live television.

“I’m suggesting peace talks about stopping the war, and moving on to dealing with political issues” he said. But one of his colleagues disagree, stressing “there can’t be negotiations with Ukraine” and that, “Zelensky’s nazi regime has to be destroyed”

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Russian pundits on live television

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