I’ve been renting for the past 8years, my ex wife is still living in my East Legon mansion including the 4 bedroom property Odartey Lamptey

According to the former Ghanaian football star, he has been renting for the past eight years. Moving from this house to another yet, his ex wife has since been occupying his seven bedroom mansion at East Legon.

He explained how the Court ruled in his favour but has since been moving from one rented apartment to another.

“I have been renting for eight years now since the first ruling, while my ex wife is living in my seven bedroom house in East Legon in addition to the four bedroom she has already been given. Sometimes, I shed tears when I’m alone in my room. My children sometimes encourage me and ask me not to cry again. I would do whatever now to move her from the house as soon as possible” the former Aston villa player told Angel Fm.

Odartey Lamptey and Gloria Appiah divorced in 2013 after the former conducted a DNA test which proved he was not the biological father of their three children. Both had been married for over 20years but the tragic encounter led to divorce, bringing lots of agony and sad memories into the life of Odartey Lamptey.

On Thursday, an appeal filed by Gloria Appiah to own the ex footballer’s 7 bedroom residence at East Legon was thrown out.

The case has caused controversy among Ghanaians and many on social media platforms because even after the Court of appeal threw out her case after the presiding judge considered her claims to be untenable, she still insists to claim ownership of the seven bedroom property and still occupying the building according to Odartey Lamptey.

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