I’ve seen the light, Moesha is going through spiritual awakening – Wendy Shay

According to Wendy Shay, there’s actually nothing wrong with Moesha. She revealed how similar thing happened to her when she discovered God and abandoned her old life for Christ.

“I have seen the light. Given yourself to Jesus christ is not easy. I’m sure Moesha is going through spiritual awakening and will get better with time. When you’re working for the devil and all of a sudden you’ve seen the light and you turn from your old ways, its going to be very difficult for satan to just let you go like that because you were once his servant, working for him” wendy shay said.

She also explained how serving Jesus christ is peaceful and self fulfilling and believes she’s never going back to her old lifestyle.

She’s therefore advising Ghanaians to take things lightly with Moesha as she discover her new path.

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