Japan wants foreign workers to stay in country indefinitely

● Japan Immigration: Japan wants foreign workers to stay in country indefinitely

● Japan is considering giving many more foreign workers remain in the country indefinitely according to Nikkei Asia

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“Japan is considering letting foreign nationals working in farming, food service and other sectors remain in the country indefinitely as soon as next fiscal year”

Reports that the Asian country has tightened its immigration policies for quite a long time and has closed its borders to immigrants. But has good news for foreigners as it is allowing permanent residency for a wider group of international workers. The New immigration policy is said to cause a major shift in Japan’s immigration policy.

Japan is facing an aging population which is leading to labour shortage. Germany is also faced with a rapidly aging population, leading to labour shortages same as Japan. Read more Germany needs 400,000 skilled immigrants annually to hold up with it’s labour workforce – reports

Japan had about 1.72 million foreign workers as of October 2020. About 35,000 were staying under this program to address the work force shortages. The government also has programme a training scheme for foreigners where they would be able to learn skills and then return to their various countries.

Foreign nationals who have stayed in Japan for 10years will also meet the requirement to obtain permanent residency.

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“When the program to address the labour shortages of the 14 sectors was introduced, the immigration Services Agency anticipated that Japan would have a shortfall of 345,000 workers by fiscal 2023” Nikkei Asia

SOURCE: Nikkei Asia

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