Jeff Bezos pledges $2 billion for reforestation in Africa

Jeff Bezos has pledges $2 billion for reforestation in Africa.

World’s second billionaire, Jeff Bezos pledges to support Africa in rebuilding its forest reserves. Jeff says he’s ready to put in 1 billion United States dollars for reforestation in Africa.

He announced the funding at COP26 event with UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson and other world leaders present. Jeff Bezos said he made the decision because his flight to space and the experience he had thought him how fragile the planet was.

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“Today, two-thirds of the land in Africa is degraded but this can be reversed, And today I’m pleased to announce a $2 billion pledge allocated directly to restore nature and transforming food systems. This is part of the bezos Earth Fund’s, $10 billion commitment to fight climate change to enhance nature and advance environmental justice and economic opportunity” he said at the conference.

United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres had earlier emphasized that billionaires only fly to space while many are hungry on earth. Watch his presentation below

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