Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married

Finally, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have said, “I Do!” A source lets ET know that the Marry Me actress and The Tender Bar star tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony over end of the week.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married

“Jen and Ben got married in Vegas. They have so much fun together and thought this would be a fun idea too. Ben is absolutely in love with Jen and feels loved by her too. They both feel so comfortable with each other and like they share history and know each other so well,” the source told.

The source said that the couple feel like they “connect with one another on another level” and are both “truly there for one another,”

“They feel like they are in the same place in life now and relate to each other on another level. Ben feels younger around Jen and like she brings out his best self. He loves that he doesn’t have to try very hard and can just be himself. Jen loves being around Ben no matter what they are doing,” the source proceeded.

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The source likewise noticed that Jennifer Lopez thinks Ben Affleck is an “fantastic
partner and father” and that the couple can hardly stand by to keep gaining experiences together and as a family.

Adding, “She thinks Ben is an incredible partner and father. She celebrates him for the good and they are both really there for each other. They’re so excited to make more memories together and have more adventures, both as a couple and as a family.”

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