#June12thprotest: Nigerians get support from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Here’s what is happening on demo ground (photos)

Nigerians agreed to hit the streets June 12 2021 to protest after #NigeriaTwitterban. Many Nigerians are not happy with President Buhari and his government for banning Twitter.

Nigeria government banned the social media platform just two days after it deleted Mr Buhari’s tweet for violating Twitter rules, sending warnings that any one found using the social media app will be prosecuted. But many Nigerians are currently using VPN to tweet, including some very influential people in Nigeria and other media houses.

More celebrities and business moguls have all joined the protest online including the founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

The CEO tweeted about 5hours ago. He tweeted, using the Nigeria flag as a symbol of solidarity with Nigerians protesting today.

Jack Dorsey

Many Nigerians are very happy with the CEO. Some took to Twitter to thank him for supporting the course. The protest has already begun and gathering massive momentum as Nigerians call people online to join the them on ground.

Nigerian government went ahead to ban Twitter regardless of calls from various international social and human rights Organizations for Nigeria to stand down as the move is clear violation of human rights according to these Organizations e.g is Amnesty international.


For now, the protest continues. More aluta

We shall keep you informed

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