Kamala Harris becomes first woman to serve as Acting U.S President

Kamala Harris becomes first woman to serve as Acting U.S President

Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris becomes first woman in history to ever taste American Presidential power

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She became President Shortly after President Biden was scheduled to receive a routine colonoscopy. During this brief period, Vice President took over and worked from her office in the West Wing.

President Reagan also transferred power to Bush during his tenure for eight hours. George W. Bush also transferred power to Dick cheney twice for colonoscopies. But this is the first time in American history power in being transferred to a woman

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President Biden was under anesthesia for about 85 minutes according to the White House

President Joe Biden who turns 79years on Saturday was at Walter Reed Medical Center early in the morning to undergo his first routine annual physical since took over power in January 2021.

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She becomes first Asian American black Acting President in history.

The Vice President announced passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law. The law will help millions of Americans work in well paying union jobs.

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“We’re a step closer. The U.S house of representatives passed our Build Back Better Act. This will lower costs for working families, invest in the care economy and help us combat climate change. Now it heads to the Senate” Kamala Harris said.

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