Kantanka Busted for Uploading Fake Bullion Van Photo

Kantanka automobile has been busted for uploading a fake bullion van photo on Twitter.

Early on, Kwadwo Safo Jr, the CEO of kantanka automobile, uploaded a bullion van photo with the caption, @kantankaAuto Armored bullion vehicle. Your money is secured with this. The service personnel is safe with this.

This announcement by the CEO follows the sad demise of the young policeman and a pregnant woman who lost their lives in a bullion van hijack by armed robbers on Monday, June 14, 2021.

This sad event has gained much media attention and even the IGP has insisted that banks should purchase bullet proof bullion vans. The IGP added that the failure to do so [by the banks] will hasten the police to withdraw their security services in escorting money in pick-up cars.

Responding to the IGP’s demands and as a form of advertisement, Kwadwo Sarfo Jr, uploaded a bullion van photo with kantanka’s logo on the car. However, a section of Ghanaians have drawn the attention of the public and revealed that kantanka’s photo is fake.

One Twitter user has indicated that the supposed kantanka bullion van photo belongs to a different company. He noted that Kantanka have made slight changes on the photo and presenting it as theirs to lure Ghanaians.

On the other hand, Kwadwo Sarfo Jr has not responded to these allegations yet.

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