Kanye West fans appreciate Donda for believing in her son when no one else did (Video)

Many fans of Kanye West appreciate Donda, mother of the rapper for her impact in his career

Kanye West fans appreciate Donda for believing in her son when no one else did

Many fans across the world appreciate Donda, mother of Kanye West (Ye) for her influence in her son’s career.

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XXL Magazine displays a video how the rapper was courageous and walked to a Music label to play his song. But no one believed in him. He was there for a fact that, his song “All Falls Down” will be endorsed. Buy no, Kanye was walked out.

Today, Kanye (Ye) is one of the wealthiest black men on the planet. And he started through music.Kanye West now YE: 10 facts about him you may not know

His greatness began with Donda, his mother’s trust and believe when no one else believed in him.

Netflix’s latest documentary titled Jeenyuhs tells the humble beginning of Ye. The footage also shows how his mother, Donda has been very supportive from the very beginning of his career.

Here are some eulogies from fans to Kanye West’s late mother, Donda West.

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“I almost weeped when I saw Donda inspired her son in Jeenyuhs. She’s an incredible woman with a beautiful soul. Kanye is suffering a lot now. Donda will always look after you. Boy, get well soon Ye”

“I giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing” (Sapphic Nun), she quoted Donda West’s famous quotes

“Seeing Donda on this Kanye doc got me tearing up man. What a special woman she was” (Siri)

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