Kanye West now YE: 10 facts about him you may not know

Kanye West now YE: 10 facts about him you may not know

Ye wildly known as Kanye West is a black American rapper, a fashion designer amd a record producer, born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States

10. Kanye West filed to change name to Ye

He filed to formally and officially be called Ye. He however successfully changed it. He’s officially called Ye. Many of his fans still call him Kanye West. Read more here ■ Black American rapper, Kanye West files to officially change name to YELos Angeles Court approves Kanye West’s name change to Ye

9. Kanye West once lived in China

Ye once lived in China. His mother, Donda West relocated to China after she accepted a job offer. She became a teacher in China and took Kanye along with her. He was only 10years. Ye learned Mandarin but can’t remember it anymore.

8. He was ones diagnosed with a bipolar disorder

Yes was ones diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. There was a time when he attempted suicide, a situation he admitted. Kanye had mental health issues for a while and never made it a secret. He always speaks on it and wants to get better everyday.

7. Ye once ran a travel company

He ones ran a travel company. He called it Kanye Travel Ventures. The online travel company He launched in 2008 never saw the day light because it shortly collapsed.

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6. His father was a man of many talents

Kanye West’s father was a man of many talents. His dad, Ray of blessed memory was not only one of the top black photojournalists at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, he was also a black panther, a medical illustrator and a marriage counselor. Kanye is also multi-talented.

5. Ye became the first black American billionaire in history

Kanye West became the first black man in American history to reach a billion dollars. Forbes released an article to that effect. Forbes said he made more of the fortune through his fashion company.

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4. Kanye West is an ardent Trump supporter

He is an ardent Trump supporter. He met President Trump at the White House several months into the 2020 General elections. Kanye later filed to become president on the ticket of tye Republican party. He couldn’t go far but still has Presidential ambitions. He tweeted after he voted, signalling his come back in 2024.

3. Ye is a perfectionist

He believes if it must be done, it must be done well. He would spend days, months to work on his songs before releasing them. Donda album, his latest album took him months before it finally came up.

2. Ye has won 21 Grammys

He has 21 Grammy Awards to his credit. He however developed a bad taste for the awards.

1. Ye nearly died in 2002 after a tragic accident

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He got into a car accident that almost killed him. He fell asleep while driving.

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