Kardashian still my wife, we’re not divorced – Kanye West

Kardashian still my wife, we’re not divorced

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Kanye West says he and his lovely Kim Kardashian are still together. The rapper accused the media of propagating lies and just want him to say on a live television he and Kim are divorced

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Kanye West unfollow Kim Kardashian & all her sisters on Twitter. Divorce?

the rapper disclosed on Drink Champs. “They’re making my wife say I divorced him on TV because they just want to get their bar off and I’ve not even seen the papers. We never even divorced. Because they’re not a joke to me. My kids want their parents to get together, I want us to be together” Kanye said

Kanye West aslo revealed he nearly died in Belgium in a shooting incident. According to him he had a mask on so the police didn’t notice he was the one.

“I had a full mask on so the corp came with the gun and asked me to come out. In the beginning, I was like i guess this is it”

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He continued “if you look at the media that’s not what they’re promoting, that’s not what they want. They wanted a new episode, a new TV show and people all around in my wife’s ear”

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