Katanga Gets The Internet In Great Shock With Their Ritual Practice Ahead of Hall Week

A picture of the people of katanga processing their ritual rite

University Hall, known as katanga Hall, has shown the world how they mark their Hall week and how they initiate themselves into the week long celebrations.


Hall week of the katanga season is here and residents of the University Hall, known as the katanga Hall, have displayed their culture.

The ritual, which they term “Zulu”, is performed as part of their annual Hall week celebration on the Knust campus. In a video sighted on the video app Instagram , it was posted on the page of UTV Ghana, the students weekend half dressed with some wearing masks and wigs to cover and hide their identity. Others also had pants to hide who they were.

Each person had a all bamboo stick which they hit on the floor to create a sound as they chanted words.

In the Part of the video, they stood in formation as they chanted and hit their sticks on the floor. In other part of the video they knelt down still in formation, with their bamboo sticks in their hand and chanting some songs and altering words.

Watch Video;


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