Kelvyn Boy: Stop insulting Stonebwoy; he has done so much for me

Kelvyn Boy has told his fan not to troll Stonebwoy despite not having an existing relationship with him, adding that he have absolute respect for him and urging them to stop insulting him.

Kelvyn Boy: Stop insulting Stonebwoy; he has done so much for me

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Kelvyn Boy made the revelation during an interview with HitzFM, adding that things may be tough between himself and Stonebwoy but there is respect he has for him. Even when the host attempted urging him for a response about the alleged feud. He refuted:

“No, let’s not. I get this question every day. I don’t think it’s necessary. Today I won’t answer this question because the relationship status is not important. That fact that everyone is talking about it, I don’t want anyone to come and talk about Stonebwoy.”

Kelvyn Boy further revealed that Stonebwoy was a great mentor for his career at a certain point for which he would always be grateful. And therefore, beg everyone should honor their decision and stop the attacks on Stonebwoy.

He said:

“Please, I will love my fans and everyone not to speak ill about me and Stonebwoy, please. He put me on so much, and I appreciate it all the time. The fact the issues came and everyone went their separate ways does not mean you can type something untoward,”

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