Kenya: People who blow their nose without handkerchief in the public to face jail term

Nairobi has passed another law that makes it unlawful to blow your nose in public without a handkerchief or tissue.

The new rules and regulations, which intend to keep Nairobi clean and sanitary, also apply when you are found peeing in undesignated areas, spitting in the city, sleeping in kitchens or food stores, among other offenses.

Those who fail to comply face fines ranging from ksh10,000 to ksh500,000, just as jail terms ranging from six to a year.

They are revered in the Nairobi City County Public Nuisance Bill, 2021, which was as of late signed into law. Acting Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu advised Nairobi residents to become aquanited with the new law in other to avoid being caught off guard.

The new law restricts the release of filthy water, sewer, or profluent into roads or water channels, the release of oils into roads or water channels, the block of streets or roads, and inhabitants from permitting trees and supports in their homes or working environments to impede roads or trails.

The new law likewise makes riding bikes or driving on pathways, paying attention to uproarious music, and smoking in undesignated regions illicit. An individual who disregards the new law will confront a fine going from Sh10,000 to Sh500,000, just as detainment going from six to a year, contingent upon the idea of the offense.

Kananu said;

“Nairobi is the face of Kenya. We all need a clean and hygienic environment to live and work in.”Larry Wambua, county executive member for Environment, Energy, Water, and Sanitation thanked Riruta MCA Kariuki Kiriba for introducing the bill in the assembly and ensuring that all stages were well articulated before it was signed into law.Wambua also stated that he will work tirelessly to ensure that everything is completed as directed by acting Governor Kananu.

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