Kim Jong Un says North Korea will build invincible military, blame South Korea & U.S for creating tensions

North Korea will build invincible military – Kim Jong Un

Supreme leader of Asian country, Kim says North Korea is about to build an ‘invincible military’. One of the youngest leaders in the world made this revelations during weapons exhibition on Tuesday October 12.

“There is no action based evidence to make us believe that the US is not hostile. I say again, South Korea is not a target of our armed power. We are not strengthening our national self-defense targeting South Korea” he said

He also emphasized that South Korea, Seoul’s action was “dualistic, illogical and gangster like and North Korea will respond with strong action and not condone the South’s intent to harm North Korea’s right to self-defense” to NK News

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North Korea displayed its latest nuclear missiles and other weapons to show the world how powerful they are and how protective they can be. At the self-defense 2021 meeting, Kim Jong Un accused the United States and South Korea of creating tensions. According to him, United States military activities in the region like joint exercises with South Korea are “bringing about many prospective dangers”, given North Korea that alert to strengthen themselves even more.

America held several meetings during President Trump’s regime for the deescalation of Korean Peninsula but all proved futile

Source: NK News

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