Kim Jong Un warns North Korea could preemptively use nuclear weapons

North Korea celebrates 90th anniversary of its military

Kim Jong Un warns North Korea could preemptively use nuclear weapons

Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un warns his country could ‘preemptively’ use nuclear weapons if threatened by enemies

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The North Korean leader reiterated his intentions to use nuclear weapons preemptively if the country’s security is threatened by what he called ‘enemy forces’

Kim Jong Un said “nuclear weapons are the lifeline that guarantees the security of our country” in his speech.

below are some pictures of the parade

The country displayed its biggest balistic missile during a parade in North Korean capital Pyongyang on April 25, 2022.

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The North Korean leader vowed to accelerate the development of more nuclear weapons and threatens to use them if provoked. The country broadcast images of the vast military parade to the celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the country’s army. The nuclear weapons displayed on April 29th were intercontinental balistic missiles which have the capacity of targeting the country’s enemies according to reports.

Also, last week, Russia successfully test launch intercontinental balistic missile sarmat. PUTIN said it was done to send signal to its enemies to thread cautiously.

Watch video posted by Euronews below

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