“Komot for there” – Nana Aba rejects candle thief’s apology

Nana Aba Anamoah refuses to accept apology of scented candle thief. Two days ago, Nana Aba Anamoah complained about her stolen scented candles on social media.

The ace journalist held a birthday party at her house and invited many friends of her irrespective of the COVID restrictions. People who attended include, Joselyn Dumas, Hon. Aponkye and many beloved friends of her.

Nonetheless, the multiple award winning journalist revealed that the thief of the scented candles was an uninvited guest. Ms. Amoah came to social media to runt about her stolen candles and threatens to upload videos of the theft online.

Following the series of threats issued by Nana Aba, the culprit confronted her in Twitter’s DM. According to the unidentified thief, the candles were taken but not stolen.

The thief indicated that he(she) thought the scented candles were souvenirs and moreover some boys took some so decided to take one. Again the thief noted that the scented candles will be returned and begs Nana Aba not to upload videos on the internet.

On the on other hand, Ms. Anamoah did not believe the lies of this thief and said komot for there which is translated in English as leave there.

The thief is actually ashamed of himself or herself and has applauded her for the kind gesture.

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