Kweku Baaku’s analysis on how Caleb Kudah was assaulted by National security officials is bankrupt – Social media users blast him

Chief editor for New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Kweku Baaku has come under serious criticism after his contributions to Joy news programme, News File. The main discourse on the show was about Caleb Kudah, a Cititv journalist that was allegedly assaulted by National security operatives days ago.

Kweku Baaku revealed that, this case shouldn’t be judged on personal reasons but there must be proper investigations into the matter.

We are talking about a certain culture of impunity. The fact that it’s not new doesn’t make it right. Civil society groups must take up this issue and deal with them he admits

But social media users are on his neck for his comments on the show. Some have asked him to stop coming to the show.

One user said. Kweku Baaku doesn’t deserve to be on the show anymore because his objectivity is lost

Kweku Baaku’s analysis on the security breaches of the national security on Caleb’s assault is bankrupt. He doesn’t deserve to be on the show anymore because his objectivity is lost, one user noted.

Below are more submissions

But in all he admitted that the manner in which national security invaded the premises of citifm is unacceptable.

The way and manner they invaded citifm’s premises is unacceptable. It ought not to have happened. They could have contacted the management of the media house Kweku Baaku said

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