Kyiv residents flee Ukraine, others stuck after Russia attacks

Ukrainians are stuck in some parts of of country as Russia invasion intensifies

Kyiv residents flee Ukraine, others stuck after Russia attacks

Kyiv residents seek shelter after President Vladimir Putin announced full military attacks on Ukrainian people. Putin said his steps became necessary in support of the two separatist controlled regions in Ukraine.

“Circumstances require firm and immediate action from us Dambas’s people’s Republic asked for help from Russia. I decided to conduct a special military operation”

watch his speech below

More residents from Ukrainian capital are currently seeking shelter as blasts and rockets hit the city. People rush to metro stations to take cover. Some also join cars of their loved ones as the try to flee.

Residents say they head huge explosions at dawn, gunfire rattle, sirens blare across the city and Kyiv’s high way. People lined up in bus stations to leave the city. Other are seen in pharmacies and ATMs try to get some medics and some cash before they jump on the road.

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Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs says Russia is striking Kyiv with ballistic missiles. The Ministry also advised all residents to enter bomb shelters.

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