Netizens reacts as lady preaches at airport, ask people to accept Jesus

A young lady has been captured on tape preaching to passengers and staff at an international aiport.

She said that she attempted suicide two times and Jesus Christ saved her life after she called to him.

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According to the christian woman, her life has never been the sane since the day she accepted to be born again in Christ.

In a video making the rounds on social media she could be seen walking round the airport lobby preaching repentance to people who were waiting to board their flight.

She urged them to accept and believe in Christ , explaining that if they do they will experience an everlasting joy.

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The asked the people who accepted Jesus to join her in praying.

Sharing a video a twitter user said ” our girl preached in the airport on our way hike from our mission trio and she proclaimdd passionately, full of spirit and love! This is how we catch flights”

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