Lady sleeps with over 300 men in five months to buy luxury car & iPhone 12

So one lady told her friend that she slept with over 300 men in a period of five months to buy a luxury vehicle for herself and an iPhone 12. A lady with handle on twitter as Ani_berny had promised her followers that, she was going to give them the “gist about the girl that claimed to sleep with over 300 men in the space of 5 months to buy iPhone 12” she posted

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And just as promised, she delivered. According her, the lady disclosed how she truly slept with over 300 men within a space of five months. She also told her friend that, she actually had a target and that was it; to sleep with not more than 300 men so she could purchase the above items.

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“I was in great shock, 300men. She then told her friend that she has agreed to stay celibate for the end of this year to regain herself because she has acquired enough for now” the lady disclosed

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