Lady surprisingly buys Range Rover for boyfriend (Video)

A video of a beautiful lady showcasing a brand new Range Rover she bought for her boyfriend has emerged on the Internet

The young lady buys Range Rover for her lover and flaunt it social media, saying she just bought her “boyfriend a brand new Range Rover”.

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In a video, the beautiful lady walks straight to her boyfriend while he blindfold him so he could not see the surprise.

“alright guys I promise to get him a surprise. Are you ready, are you ready baby?” She asked him.

He could not believe his eyes when he saw a brand new Range Rover packed in front of him. “That’s your car, come on that’s your car, oh no that’s your car. I bought my baby a car. That’s so cool” she said and then his baby boy smiled and collected the car keys.

“This is your car, why are you not pleased? I bought this for you. I don’t understand why you don’t believe that i bought you this car” she said while they drove off.

The video became a huge topic on twitter as some ladies explain why they’ll never buy anything ‘luxury’ for their husbands not to even talk about their boyfriends.

watch video below

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